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What Do Employers Absolutely Not Want to See on Your Resume?

What Do Employers Absolutely Not Want to See on Your Resume?

October 22, 2020

Many job hunters wonder why they have not landed a job interview despite many job positions applied for. Many think that recruiters are not fair while some feel maybe their skills are not good enough. The simple truth why you have not landed a job interview to secure your dream job is basically, how your resume looks.

The first thing that tells recruiters about who you are is your resume. Just like the saying that, a first impression lasts long. In the same way, your resume is what gives recruiters a first impression about who you are, what you can do and how you can be of advantage to the progress of their company.

Your resume is your best means to market yourself and your skills to recruiters and hiring managers. So, you must make it look attractive to your prospective employer.

There are some things employers do not want to see on your resume. These are things that might get you disqualified from being selected for an interview.

1. Unprofessionally written resume

If your resume contains typo errors, grammatical mistakes, and bad resume structure or format, it’s a signal to your prospective employer that you are a casual and unprofessional individual. It’s a suggestion that you will be less diligent, inconsistent, and will lack concentration in your approach to work.

While creating your resume, you should do it with all concentration to avoid any form of mistake. You can hire a professional resume writer to make your resume look more professional and attractive. And if you are writing your resume yourself, make use of a standard resume writing template that will help you arrange your writings in an appropriate form. Also, you should make use of writing tools such as Grammarly to ensure the correctness of the contents on your resume.

2. Inconsistent job positions

Inclusion of varying job positions on your resume such as working as a software developer in a company and working as a digital marketer in another company, all stated in one resume.  If you are applying for the role of a mechanical engineer in this new company. This is a sign that you have not been consistent in your role and you are not a master of your roles. Recruiters hate people who jump from job to job or from role to role. Your employer or recruiter might equally doubt the skills you claim to possess, as these skills might not be applicable to the varying roles you have stated on your resume. Hence, you should define your career path and be focused and consistent with it.

3. Skill sets that are non-applicable to the role applied for

Recruiters and employers frown at seeing on your resume, skill sets that are not applicable to the role you are applying for. Therefore, make sure your resume is updated and tailored to fit in the job description of the roles that you are applying for. Don’t use a one-size-fits-all resume.

4. Referrals for jobs through job sites

There are a ton of jobs that you can apply for on jobsites. However, most employers will prefer job hunters who have applied for job positions through the job listings on their company website. This does not mean you shouldn’t use jobsites. However, your chances of being invited for an interview when you apply through a jobsite is much lower than when you apply through the company career page.

5. Including links to your social media

Most job hunters think that including links to their social media groups will help to improve the quality of their resume, showcase their previous work and help the recruiters to connect with them. Although this is true, however, when you include links to your social media groups like LinkedIn, Facebook etc., make sure that you have the right contents that your employers will be looking for on these pages, if not don’t add these links. When employers check on your social media pages through the links you have provided and the contents you have in there are not what they expect, you will be disqualified automatically from the role you have applied for.