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These Are Not Sales Improvements

Medical Sales Tactics: Common Sales Practices to Avoid

May 18, 2020

The biggest dilemma of a salesperson is knowing how to improve their selling capacity at all given instances and a medical sales rep is not an exception. Likewise, the goal of any firm putting out products or services for sale is to grow their sales at any given instance.

This concern has caused a lot of questions to be asked and these questions have in turn generated a lot of answers.

Some of the biggest questions asked by most medical salespersons are “How can sales be improved? What are the processes and tools involved? What does sale improvement really imply?

Now it's been established by evidence of practice that there are certain elements related to sales improvement that superficially do show signs of improvement but in reality, never reflect any improvement in sales, especially, for a medical sales rep.

What are these cloned look-alikes that are slyly deceptive and that give a false perception of improvement in sales for medical sales reps?

We've dedicated this article to list out and explain some prominent and common sales improvement practices that are commonly misconceived among medical sales reps.

1.) False Advertising Will Help You, Sell You

This is a particular wrong idea being bought by many medical sales groups all over the world, but the truth is that instead of helping improve sales for the firms concerned, it only drives them out of the market sooner.

It's generally known that lies don't last and so why would a salesperson hope to sell more by lying more; knowing this will only ruin his/her career? Instead of making false claims of the potency of your wares when you know that they're actually not as efficient as you claim, just be plain with the truths and this will help you find genuinely interested prospects and sequentially help you build a trust relationship with such.

2.) Predictive Marketing Increases Sales

It is a misconception to think that predicting the needs of a prospective customer without conducting an actual market survey on customers' medical needs can make medical product sell more. Knowing the right kind of persons who are in need of your medical product will help you strategize on how to locate them. Predicting market behaviors should never be the basis that influences how a salesperson improves his sales results. You will find it difficult to convince your prospective customers that they need your product. Rather, your focus should be based on real consumer data which serves as a good guide for a proper sales experience. Go find people who need what you sell.

3.) Pitching On Abstracts Will Help You Land More Sales

This wrong assumption says “if I use more complex medical terms and theories, I will excite my clients and thereby land deals faster” - well this is another proven lie.

Why? Because the 21st century drug buyer is more concerned about the direct effects of a medicine. Rather than do the above, the advice is to construct compelling pitch stories based on past testimonies received from past buyers and describing the simple, directly understandable effects of the drug. This will practically impress your prospective buyers and drive their thoughts towards closing a deal with you.

4.) Making More Sales Pitches (without actually improving on relevant sales skills) Will Increase One's Sales Prospects

While it is true that a good salesperson should strive to grow their pitch opportunities with each passing season, it is wrong to infer that they will be able to make more sales in the future if they simply increases their pitch capacities without necessarily adding more skills to their arsenal nor even honing the skills already possessed.

In as much as a salesperson should always aim to gain more pitch opportunities, they should equally concentrate on enhancing their sales skills as the time progresses and a medical sales rep is not an exception.  This is what actually improves ones sales prospects.

5.) Building New Customer Bases (without first establishing a strong Customer Relationship Management - [CRM]) Will Improve Sales

Nope. It’s not a good idea to acquire new customers with each passing day without first building strong customer loyalty with the already available customers. This attitude will only amount to a constantly evaporating sales without making any real improvement. This is to say that, you will only be having delusions that you are making more sales without recognizing that you’re only making stagnated sales, having not really increased the numbers.

For increase, for a new customer base to interpret for an increase in sales, it must be amply supported by a strong CRM background. Having established this understanding about what sales improvement is and what it is not, I strongly recommend that, every medical sales rep who hope to improve their sales should recognize at every given point, that, sales is simply about “sales” and every other thing encircling its sphere should do so with a central attachment to it. Moreover, there must always be the understanding that you are making sales to humans and not to some inanimate object. Hence, the need to always prioritize human relations in sales.

In all, always be conscious of false evidence that tend to infer improvements in sales when they're actually doing the opposite. Your ability to do this and to take care of all other processes will create an increment in your sales turnovers.