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How to Stay Positive in Your Job Search Even During a Pandemic

Seven Steps to Stay Positive while Job Hunting During the Pandemic

August 6, 2020

Staying positive through a challenging time is not an easy thing to do for almost everyone, especially, when there’s a pandemic, which has affected almost everyone and everything in the world. Due to the pandemic, many companies are experiencing downtimes and this has caused millions of individuals to lose their jobs. This time has also been hard on many job hunters because the number of vacant jobs available in most companies is not much when compared with the increased number of people who are currently searching for jobs.

As a job seeker, getting hired for a new job during the pandemic can be an impossible task. Many companies are currently seeking out new ways of getting jobs done at a reduced cost and manpower by using new technologies and a limited number of staff who are also working virtual or remotely. The news about the world economy being in a recession is not helping at all and getting a new job is becoming very difficult for many job hunters.

However, whether you are just graduating from college and you need a job or you have just lost your job and are searching for a new one, you shouldn't be discouraged, instead, keep up with your job-hunting activities. Actually, I think you should start job hunting like a full-time job.

Here are seven action steps to help you stay positive in your job search even during the pandemic

1) Keep a social network of friends

Keeping up with your network of friends or professionals on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be a means of getting motivated. You don’t have to bury your head under your blankets because you are hunting for a job. You can seek for recommendations from people from your network. You will also have access to information about vacant job positions that are posted in your group’s social media page.

2) Be confident about yourself

It's easy to get discouraged and lose hope about your competence, especially when you have been job hunting for more than six months to a year. However, you don't have to be. Don't forget that the pandemic is affecting almost everything and not only you. However, you must be optimistic about getting hired even while others are losing their jobs. Include your skills in your job search filter so that recruiters who are in need of job seekers who possess similar skills can find you easily.

3) Acquire a new skill(s)

Since most business owners are now going virtual, it's good if you can acquire a new skill(s) that will be needed by most companies. You can take a course online with little or no fee required. You should improve your skills or acquire a new skill so that you can meet up with the current technological need of companies.

4) Reach out to recruiters and companies

Reach out to recruiters and companies to know whether there is a vacant position that you can best fit in. Due to the increase in the number of people searching for jobs, recruiters and companies might not post many of their job openings. However, if you reach out by sending your resume through an e-mail or text message to the Human Resources department, there is a chance that you will be contacted if the company is in need for someone with your skills.

5) Start a stay at home job

Starting a stay at home job will help to keep you busy and also make some extra money while you job hunt. Having a stay at home job is also a means of increasing working experience. These working experiences can be added to your resume for a better chance of getting hired.

6) Keep your resume updated

Get your resume updated by including relevant skills, keywords and working experience that recruiters are interested in and pop up easily in Google search engines.

7) Feed your mind with useful information instead of updates on the pandemic infectious rate

Listening to and watching the news on the rate of infection can incur some degree of fear, discouragement and depression on the mind. However, to help you stay positive, you should attend virtual motivational and business meetings that can help you develop your intellectual capacity and skills. Get yourself informed about how companies are trying to leverage their industrial capacity to increase profit and reduce cost using the new rise in the use of technology.