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How to Lead a Team of Medical Sales Reps More Skilled Than You Are

How to Lead a Team of Medical Sales Reps More Skilled Than You Are

November 25, 2019

Are you finding it difficult to lead your team of the medical sales rep who you think are more skilled than you? Don’t worry; this is an opportunity for you to develop your professional and managerial skills.

Sometimes as you climb the executive ladder in a medical sales job, you might face the challenge of leading a team of medical sales reps who are more experienced in the medical sales job than you are. If you have had a faster promotion from the field sales rep to the executive position, your team members might have developed excellence in-field experience than you are. When you face a similar situation, it makes things more difficult leading a team of the professional medical sales rep. It does not mean you are not an expert in your field of expertise, but your team members might know more than you.

You don’t have to feel frustrated; there is a way out to build trust between you and your team members and to be able to work together as a team to make things happen in achieving a common corporate goal.

  1. Work with your medical sales reps as a team

If you want to achieve goals and targets, then you should learn to work hand-in-hand with your team of medical sales reps. Always share your knowledge and experiences to achieve a corporate goal. As an executive or manager who is leading a team of a medical sales rep who might know more than you, then you don’t have to be the boss all the time. You don’t have to be the one to carry out all the tasks. Make sure that responsibilities are effectively shared among your team members while you supervise until every bit of the task is achieved. Create a warm, loving, and united work environment for your sales team to be able to express their full potentials and working abilities.

  1. Increase your knowledge of medical device sales job

You don’t have to feel frustrated when you find yourself leading a team of medical sales reps who are skilled more than you. Instead, it’s time for you to branch out of your field of expertise and acquire some professional knowledge on effective medical device sales jobs. Read more books on the selling of medical devices, attend seminars, and engage yourself in other productive activities. Most importantly, always listen to your team members. If you don’t understand or have an answer to a question asked by any of your team members, don’t feel disappointed.  Instead, seek for the solution and let your members have the feedback as soon as possible. Increasing your knowledge of the selling of medical devices will help you to understand what your medical sales rep are experiencing on the field and also to know how best you are to approach every issue brought before you.

  1. Use the right management style

When you are leading a group of people, the kind of management style that will work best in leading this group depends on the type of people that makes up the group. It would be best if you weren’t rigid on using a management style that you think you are used to, or that has worked for you before. Instead, try out a couple of management styles and see the one that works best in leading your team of skilled medical device sales reps. Once you have identified the best management style, try to work at improving on it so that you can achieve every corporate goal that you have set.

  1. Lead your team to achieve the best

Do not accept anything less than excellence from your team members. It will create a sense of responsibility in them and enable them to explore their professional potentials to the maximum. Let them know that all you need is a success and be ready to brainstorm together possible ways of achieving your desired goals. Moreover, you should always motivate your team members. Don’t forget to recognize anyone who leads the team in achieving its goal.

  1. Build trust between you and your team members

You should be able to trust your team of the medical sales rep to be able to do their jobs as this will remove undue fear and pressure on your side. Treat your team members as professionals who know their capacities. Trust your medical sales reps to be able to use their professional abilities, trust their judgments and suggestions. It’s not bad if you do things their way sometimes if the recommendations were based on proven facts.

Also, allow your team members to trust you. Let them know that you believe in them and that you also have all the necessary knowledge and information about every task that you have assigned to them. Provide them with every resource and information that they will need to carry out the tasks assigned to them successfully. Also, make sure that you are transparent enough by making available every necessary information required in achieving the corporate goal.