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How to Enter the Medical Device Sales Field

Warner Search Group: How to Enter the Medical Device Sales Field

March 1, 2021

Whether you have a few years of sales experience, no experience at all or you need a change of career, entering the medical device sales field is one of the best decisions you can make. A medical device sales career is one of the most lucrative, rewarding and yet competitive careers. However, you can excel and attain the peak of your career path, if you are determined to grow with the job while you put in efforts to overcome every challenge facing medical device sales Reps. 

Are you wondering about how you can enter the medical device sales field? No worries, here are five important steps you need to take. These steps will launch you into your dream medical device sales career.

STEP 1: Choose Your Career Path

Choosing a career path in medical device sales field is very important, as this will help you to be focused and to develop the required skills needed to get to the peak of your career path. The major paths in medical device sales are pharmaceutical sales, medical device sales, medical supply sales, healthcare and medical management services. Learn more about each of these career paths to decide on one in which you possess the skills and personality traits needed to succeed.

STEP 2: Start your career with little or no experience

Jobs in medical sales require that you have at least a college degree, since a high level of knowledge is needed to succeed as a medical device sales Rep. So, whether you are still a student or a fresh graduate you can still choose a career path such as pharmaceutical sales.  Marketing internship positions are perfect for students who want to develop sales skills while learning in school. Sales operation rotational programs are appropriate for fresh graduates while the sales associate levels are also appropriate for individuals who are already in the workforce either with little or no sales experience.

STEP 3: Your proven sales track record can be an advantage

If you have proven sales track record in another field or profession, this can be a great advantage for you to succeed in medical device sales. If you are breaking into medical device sales from another profession, starting as an entry-level medical device sales rep can be a great level to start. Your resume is a representation of who you are. Therefore, make sure you highlight your past sales success in your resume. Also, highlight all necessary skills and personality traits which you have developed in your previous profession which are also relevant to your new career path in medical device sales.

STEP 4: Your social network and relationships can be a means of advertising

If you have built a large social network over the years and you are maintaining reliable relationships, you can enter the medical device sales field. A medical device sales career requires that you have a large network of contact with hospitals, doctors’ offices, and healthcare companies who you can relate with and who are in need of medical devices. Use your LinkedIn network and other social platform to get connected to such individuals. You should also connect with the right company that manufactures medical devices which are more efficient, less competitive and acceptable within your network.

Step 5: Develop a skill-centered resume

You get yourself attracted to employers by making your resume look attractive. Develop a resume that highlights your skills, abilities and personality traits which employers might be looking for. You should also include proven track records of success from your previous sales positions or professions. Using the right keywords such as medical products, medical devices, pharmaceutical sales, will also get your resume noticed by prospective employers.