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Effective Ways to Sell to C-Suite for Medical Sales Reps

Effective Ways to Sell to C-Suite Buyers

August 20, 2019

As a medical sales representative, have you ever been faced with the sobering truth that you cannot sell to C-Suit buyers? How will you feel when you are told that you cannot catch the big fish you are looking at in the ocean? Yes, you’ve been selling to a manager, procurement officers, individuals, and even HR employee but this is your opportunity to hit that $1,000,000 target but you are told that C-Suit buyers can be very difficult.

When faced with this kind of discouraging but generally believed Idea, the next thing that runs through your mind is the feelings of discouragement. You might start to question your marketing ability as a medical sales rep and you might latter conclude that it’s not even worth the trial since you wouldn’t be able to convince your C-Suit potential client to buy or recommend your medical product for his/her company.

However, irrespective of your current marketing ability or experiences as a medical sales rep, I still believe with you that you can sell to a C-Suite executive. What are you waiting for? Cast off the idea that you cannot and embrace this 7 effective ways of selling to C-Suit buyers.  

  1. See yourself as a sales expert.

The most common idea that puts off medical sales representatives from selling to a c-suit buyer is that you see yourself as standing at the low-level and your buyer as standing at a top-level. Yes, they are top-level buyers but that does not mean you should allow low self-esteem. Increase your ability and confidence to stand tall with your buyer and be able to discuss business concisely and professionally. Dress, speak and act like a c-suit executive too. When you’re fearful and finds it difficult to put your words together in marketing your product, your buyers will find it difficult to believe in you. They will also see you as a desperate salesperson who does not have the solution they are looking for. At the end of the day, you will not be able to close the sale.

  1. Research about the company and the c-suite executive you will be meeting with.

You should have a handful of information about the company, their current production level and major challenges that the company is currently facing.  Make sure you also find some useful information about the c-suite executive you will be meeting up with, their title and job description using platforms like LinkedIn. This information will help you to speak in a professional manner and along the line in which the c-suit buyer will be interested in. it will also help you to know how to relate to them.

  1. Seek for recommendation

Generally, the c-suite executive finds it difficult to trust anyone. However, you can gain their attention when you are being recommended by someone whom they trust. Social platforms like LinkedIn allows you to connect and relate to several kinds of persons. Connect with important personnel in the company who has direct contact with the high-level buyer and who can speak with the high-level buyer on your behalf.

  1. Be time conscious

One of the common characters of low-level buyers like managers is that they waste your time. This is because they do not have a tight schedule, unlike high-level buyers. Make sure you are time conscious starting with when a meeting is scheduled with you. When advertising your product to the high-level buyer, make sure that you make maximum use of the time given to you.

  1. Help your c-suite buyer identify all the benefit and values your product as to offer in a concise way

All that High-level buyers want to know is how your product can be of a benefit to them and the valve is will add to their company in achieving the company strategic goals. During your sales conversation, discuss how your medical product will help the company to reduce cost, increase profits and revenues.

  1. Give concise information not a long line of history

Get straight to the point in your sales conversation and don’t mess around with high-level buyers. They don’t need a friendly or smiling face, so there’s is no need to crack some jokes even when you feel the room is tensed.

  1. Identify a key problem and present a solution

Identify the most challenging situation that the company is in and state how your product can solve those problems more efficiently while you help the company to increase profit.

Bonus: Don’t be afraid to quote a high price for your medical product, instead emphasize the value that your product has to offer.