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5 Reality Checks of Job-Hunting: Overcoming Common Job-Search Mistakes for Medical Sales Job Seekers

5 Reality Checks of Job-Hunting: Overcoming Common Job-Search Mistakes for Medical Sales Job Seekers

April 27, 2020

Searching for a job for longer than 3 to 6 months with no positive results in view can be really frustrating. As your job search drags on you might even become discouraged, thinking that maybe you don’t even have what recruiters and employers are looking out for. 

More than likely you’ve got the skills and experience that employers’ need, but maybe you are not marketing yourself well using strategies that will make employers notice you among a crowd of job seekers. Perhaps you need to carry out some reality checks for your job-hunting research as a medical sales job-seeker so that you can make yourself stand out and land your dream job in the end. 

These 5 Job Search Reality Checks can help you land your dream job in the medical sales field:

Job search reality check #1: Give more attention to your resume

Most job-seekers give little attention to what is contained in their resume, especially when they are job-hunting only part-time. Using a one-size-fit-all resume will reduce your chance of getting hired. You can’t be a ‘jack of all trades’ by including all your skills and work experience in just one resume. 

Here is what you should do:

  • Write a resume tailored to every job position you are applying for, including the required skills and experiences that you possess.
  • Include the right keywords in your resume based on the job listing so that you can get noticed when recruiters or employers search for job seekers in your field.
  • Make your resume attractive and well structured.
  • Include all basic and required details on your resume.

Job search reality check #2: Don’t wait till you have some free time, apply on the go

Make sure that you stay up-to-date on every job posting and then apply immediately. While you’re waiting until you have some free time, many other job seekers would have sent in their applications. From recruiters’ recommendations you stand a better chance of getting your resume noticed and having an interview when you are among the first applicants. 

Job search reality check #3: Don’t rely on job sites alone, visit the company’s website

By visiting the company’s website for information about current recruitment processes going on in the company, you will be taking your job hunting to a higher level that can land you your dream job as a medical sales job-seeker.

Since job sites are always crowded, visiting the career page on the company website will help you get noticed by the human resources department of the company. You will also be applying directly to the company through the H/R which can make your application process faster. Having the right information from the company career page on the job openings will also help you to tailor your resume to the employer’s requirements. 

Job search reality check #4: follow up on your applications

One of the mistakes many job seekers make is that they don’t bother to follow up on their application. Don’t just sit back after applying, thinking that employers will contact you when they need you. Following up on your application by sending in an email to the H/R department via the H/R email address can make you stand out of the crowd and make employers review your application even if you are the 100th applicant. 

Job search reality check #5: seek for recommendation from your network

Job-hunting all alone might not be enough to land your dream job as a medical sales job-seeker. You should connect with people from your network who are currently working in the organizations or company that you are applying to. It’s not a bad idea if you ask for recommendation from these people from your network as they can help to speak up on your behalf about your application based on their knowledge of your skills and ability during your several group interactions. 

Social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook groups are recommended places for connecting with professionals from your field. You can also bond with professionals from your immediate physical environment and associations.