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Simple Ways to Energize Your Job Search

July 16, 2009

Have courage and move beyond your comfort zone. You need to be brave and do things you haven't done before. In every economic cycle there are winners and losers. Companies grow and companies fail. Understand you have choices.

You can choose to grow or stay stagnant. You can choose to find a contact in a company you want to work for or you can choose to do nothing but complain about your search. Set goals and know exactly the kind of job you want.


Make it a team effort. Network with people to help you find a job. Build a team of people who love you and connect you with the world. Take action each and every day. Do something specific that moves your job hunt forward along a specific plan. Learn something new every day. Job hunters need to be continuously improving all their skills. Adopt a sales and marketing mindset. Take the position that you're a product and that you want to sell that product.


The Chronicle Herald

Cleveland, OH