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Recruiting for Real Sales Producers?

April 28, 2009

How big of a risk is hiring a new sales person for your company?

Why is it that you begin the hiring process with high expectations only to be met with low productivity?

Can you afford to hire another sales person whose biggest sale is simply getting the job?

Why is it that sales people come into the interview with a mindset of "wanting to move a mountain" however a month or two down the road they are simply "Hoping to meet quota"?

Is your hiring criteria and process used to identify, select and train new sales reps part of the problem?

Some Sales people quit and leave...others quit and stay!


Most Business Owners, Presidents and Sales Managers are frustrated with:

  • The high cost of turnover in their sales department 
  • The difficulty in determining who looks good from those who will produce! 
  • The high cost and low return of traditional recruiters 
  • Sales people who fail to proactively develop new business  
  • Sales people who mage account yet fail to develop new business  
  • Sales people who come on board excited but fail to get out of the box  
  • Traditional recruiter's inability to place a producer who will stick 
  • Their inability to locate top-producing sales professionals. 
  • Sales people that talk their way into the job, yet fail to produce new business.

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