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Positivity, First thing in the Morning

March 24, 2009

One expert recently postulated that if you start out the morning with a little “forced” positivity, it can start the day off right. That’s right, forced positivity. Fake it till you make it, baby!

If you think about it, the morning (and Monday) are natural beginnings. When you lie in bed, waking, slowly introduce some positive thoughts into your head. Again, you may be feeling a deep sense of malaise and dread at the approaching week, so it’s alright to make it up! Take a few deep breaths. Clear your mind. Relax. Say something positive, out loud if possible. “I’m grateful to be alive today.” “The sun looks beautiful through the curtains.” “My body feels good.” “I’m strong and healthy.”

Another great way to reinforce the “first morning positivity?” Exercise. If you can’t go for a small walk or run, try some deep breaths and gentle stretching. Put on some inviting classical or jazz music.

The message here? You don’t always have to feel positive to be positive. It’s a choice - a choice that isn’t always easy to make - but a choice nonetheless.

Wake up! Your life has begun.