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May 7, 2009

Survival of the Fittest


The survival of the fittest is not a joke.  A friend of mine is a former military fighter jet pilot who says "either you are the fighter jet or you are a target".  Any task worth doing is worth doing well...  Whether it involves sports, military, or business; all of the training and practice will come down to a few precious minutes  where your training efforts need to transform to success.  Never be the target... 


Be the best hunter (or farmer) in your company.  Daily activities must be observed and never wavered.  Some, but not all of what you should be doing:


1) Develop four new prospects daily. 

2) Re-visit four previous customers who have not been  contacted recently.  

3) Effectively network on a weekly basis.  

4) Ask for referrals and introductions from everyone. 

5) Never drive more than 30 minutes without stopping to do a "walk-in".  

6) Know the top 20 companies & executives you want to do business with and ask your contacts for specific introductions. 

7) Write all your activities down and stay out of the "danger zone" of doing No Pay tasks during Pay Time. 


and lastly: 


8) Train at least three hours weekly and have an accountability partner.  Get involved in a class where you can learn techniques, and practice.  Accountability partners need to be willing to question you beyond your intellectual smoke screen.