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"From a Little Spark May Burst a Mighty Flame." Dante

September 9, 2009

There are a ton of statistics and figures and studies out there, but let’s simplify the numbers to sheer hiring activity. From July to August of this year, we saw our number of active searches increase by over 500% at Warner Search Group. More than four times as many people went out on interviews in August through us than in the previous two months of June and July combined. Maybe we’ve been working a little harder or smarter than before, maybe some seeds planted earlier in the year were ready for harvest, maybe the stars have been aligned. The takeaway at the end of the day is that more hiring authorities are bringing to search for new talent, whether for new positions or to top-grade underperformers. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

As things heat up, and with a chance for introspection over a long weekend, I challenge you to look at your career. Half of you will find that you’re “underemployed” when taking a closer look: undercompensated, underappreciated, underwhelmed with your current role. You’re performing at a higher level, possibly doing far more with far less than before, yet the feeling of a hamster in a wheel lingers. If you might need a little help finding your spark again, we’d love to chat with you about some of the new sales and sales management opportunities we are fired up about this week. We all invest way too much in our crafts to “settle” for an uninspired professional existence. Seek an opportunity that will allow you to be remarkable. You may even find it within the job you already have.