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Develop More Confidence in Your Resume!

May 20, 2009

Where do you turn when you need to write a Resume? 


If not writing from scratch, you should remember that it is important to ALWAYS update your resume so that this "ticket to an interview" is ready for use when an opportunity presents itself.


The Following Questions Will Allow you to Self Assess Your Resume:


1.       Does the layout invite attention?

2.      Are key words included in the top 30% of my Resume?

3.      Is it clear and easy to read with appropriate spacing?

4.      Did I list only my past 10 years of work experience?

5.      Did I list my education? High School? College? Trade School? Any job relevant? Professional courses? Any job relevant certification?

6.      Does my resume highlight my accomplishments and the impact they had on my prior employer?

7.      Did I list rewards/awards that set me apart from my past co-workers?

8.     Do I have a skills section that lists all career specific skills?

9.      Did I make it extremely easy to contact me to set up interviews?

10. Did I check my resume for 100% accuracy?

11.   Is my resume on one page (ideally one page, two is fine also)?

12. Does it include a clear-cut Objective or Summary of Qualifications?

13. Is my verbiage clear and professional (no jargon)?

14. Is my information honest and ethical?

15.   Does it grab the reader's attention immediately?

16. Did I omit any personal information?

17.   Did I omit any reasons for leaving past jobs?

18. Did I omit any salary information?

19. Am I using strong impact statements?

20.  Are my responsibilities clear and understandable?

21. Did I avoid abbreviations?

22. Would my resume entice the Hiring Authority to select ME as one of their candidates to interview?

23. Did I offer to provide References at their request?

These are just the very BASICS as you review your RESUME.  Remember that your Resume is your "ticket to your interview." Your interview is the main step to your Job Offer!


If you are submitting your resume and NOT booking interviews, you need to revise your resume. For more information on revisions you can make go to