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May 8, 2009

I’d like to honor all the Mothers reading this as well as every one of you who perform “motherly” duties.  Most of you know I was a single-mom for fifteen years and I understand and appreciate the balancing act of all working moms.


When my daughters Nancy and Jodi got married, they presented me with my most cherished possessions.   They each gave me a book filled with their memories of growing up. 

Many different versions of this book are sold at most bookstores; all you do is fill in the blanks.


It was interesting for me to read my daughter’s fondest memories which described simple “mom” things, Polish traditions and more than anything the time we spent together and the unconditional love that filled our home.


When they would say “mom” ten times in a row, I would inform my children that I changed my name.  When they asked me what it was I wouldn’t tell them.  Simple solution – but it worked!  They swore they would NEVER do that to their children…but guess what – they do!


Children don’t come with an “operations manual.”  You learn as you go and do the best job you can.   


Mom’s give yourself a break this week-end.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or even Rachael Ray.  When you say NO, you are showing you love them!  You don’t have to stress over the latest “technology” that your children have to have – it will be outdated before you buy it for them!  The best teacher is not “telling” your children how to act, but rather teaching them by example. 


Don’t feel guilty about working.  You are showing and teaching your children, that a strong work ethic is an admirable trait. I do believe I was a better mom because I worked.  When I came home it was all about them, and they knew it!


Life is always too short, even if your mom’s live to the age of 85, like mine did!  Take time to let all the “moms” in your life know how much you love them!  Don’t stress about what to BUY them…If you want to warm her heart, take time to write down your fondest memories.  She too will cherish this gift from you more than anything you could buy for her!


Have a Happy, Healthy & Blessed Mother’s Day Weekend!



Written by our friend and coach: Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS