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How To Overcome Sales Objections for Medical Device Sales Reps

How to Overcome Objections for Medical Device Sales Reps

May 13, 2019

Have you been failing to meet your sales target due to numerous sales objections as a medical sales rep and wondering how to handle this situation? No worries, it’s quite easy.

A sales objection is an emotional expression from a potential buyer which depict temporary disapproval or lack of interest in the sales conversation. However, most potential buyers raise an objection so as to clear his doubts about the product and also to force a sales rep to give more reasons why the buyer should develop an interest in the product and probably make a purchase now or in the future time.

However, you’ve got to see these sales objections as an opportunity to let the buyer know everything about your medical device.

Here are 5 common sales objections you are likely to encounter as a medical sales rep and how to respond to them

1. I have got a device that works exactly like this, I don’t think I need another

Don’t get discouraged when a potential buyer raises a sale objection like this especially if you have reached a certain sale pitch in your sales conversation. Keep calm and allow him to say everything about his old device.

Response: let the potential buyer know some special new features included in your own medical product that serves as an upgrade over his old version device. Let him know how he can be more accurate and saves some time and energy when he uses your medical device.

2. I bought something like this from a sales rep a couple of months ago and it’s no good than staying in the trash can

This means that the potential buyer has bought a device that he thinks looks exactly like what you sell and which he later finds not useful for his intentions.

Response: let him pour out his grieves about the previous product he bought. However, if possible, allow him to test your own device to be sure it works exactly the way he wants it. You can help him to set the device up to save some time. Also, let him know how reliable your company is and how much your brand name is being valued which means that a good and quality product will always be produced.

3. I don’t have the time for a sales conversation now, maybe some other time

Response: don’t just walk away in disappointment. You can say something like this: If you would spare me one minute of your time I would like to ask for the right time when I can come back. If the buyer isn’t specific, tell time the next time you will be visiting the area and if it’s a phone conversation, give them two options from which they can choose one.

4. There are other cheaper and easy-to-use devices in the market

If this sales objection is true, then you should mention the name of those devices even before the buyer start mentioning them. This is to show that you are current with what goes on in the market.

Response: make a vivid and accurate comparison of your product and the other cheap products. Explain the unique quality features of your device and how the price is in equivalent to the quality. Give examples of how it has been used before. If possible, show a video or pictures of where and how the device was used.

5. Your device is good, but I can’t make a decision now. I think I need more time to think about whether to buy this device or not

Response: let the buyer know that he has the time to think about it and make his decision. However, you can leave a product description booklet behind for him to read through it again while making a decision. Ask him when you should revisit or call back so you can ask about his decision. Before the scheduled day, make sure you call to check on him and ask if has gone through the booklet and ask if he needs to ask any question. He might make his decision after then or tell you to call back for feedback as scheduled.


Stay confident about your product and hit that sales pitch. Even when a potential buyer rolls his eyes, let him realize you’ve got the device to boost his efficiency as medical personnel.